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There are several housing options in our neighborhood that can fit your needs.

If you are looking to rent an apartment, Tattnall Place is the place for you. They have several floor plans from 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom to 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom. If you are interested in knowing more, click here.

You also can contact Macon Housing Authority. They offer a program called Lease-to-Purchase that may interest you.

We are advocates of homeowner occupancy since we consider this option the best way to create and maintain stability in our neighborhood. If you are looking to own a house, there are several options you may consider.

If you are a Mercer University employee, you will be glad to know that there is a Down Payment Assistance Program to help you buy a house in our neighborhood page.

You need to contact the Benefits Office and talk to Gina Hall at (478) 301-2787 to know what type of properties qualify for this stipend. It can apply to an existing house or the construction of a future floor plan of your preference.

Several full-time faculty and staff have taken advantage of this wonderful program; you can be the next. Believe us, it’s not to good to be true!

One of the institutions involved in this Down Payment Program is Historic Macon Foundation, a well known non-profit organization engaged in revitalize historic buildings.

You could own a charming historic house with all the inside benefits of a new one (ask about the 8 year property tax exemption), or have a brand new home.

Give a look at their listings or contact Historic Macon at (478) 742-5084. They are located at the Sidney Lanier Cottage in 935 High St.

All new construction in Beall’s Hill must be approved by Planning and Zoning. There are a number of pre-approved plans available.