Neighborhood Watch Issues

  • Concern with possible drug dealing on Calhoun St Ln – email Lt Henderson for any updates

Code Concerns

  • Burned house on Oglethorpe and Calhoun St, if left unattended can turn into code violation – Sherry may have more info on whose house that was and future plans for the lot
  • Previous and current noise complaints can be filed with the Bibb County Sheriffs Office. The Noise Ordinance is in place from 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11:00 p.m. Friday night and Saturday night and 9:00 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Fireworks are only permitted between 10am-11:59pm on Jan 1, July 3, July 4, and Dec 31 without permit.

Old Business

  • None at this time.

New Business

  • Introduction to new president: Meagan Jenkins, secretary: Annie Branan, treasurer: Paul Griffin
  • Now and for the foreseeable future, there will be no membership fee to be a part of the neighborhood association
  • Ideas to reach new members in the community:
    • Since we have a list of all Beall’s Hill addresses, flyers in the form of door hangers will be a great way to get info to all including those who do not use Facebook or the internet.
    • Volunteers are needed to help pass out the door hangers. Once hangers are in production, the board will reach out to members to sign up for that.
    • Hanging Flyers will include contact info, future meeting dates and times, and upcoming events
  • Reducing the number of meetings to every other month or quarterly was brought up, however, since there were many things to discuss/review, meetings will remain monthly at this time. The minutes of each meeting will be posted for anyone who was unable to attend the meeting. And a newsletter including upcoming events is in the works.

Upcoming Dates

  • Movie night in February will be valentine’s day themed and marketed towards couples
  • A family movie night will be held on January 29th at 6pm in the open lot at the corner of Hazel and Jackson St. The movie will be a Disney movie new to Disney+
  • A Neighborhood Trash Pick-up was discussed. Saturday mornings is the purposed times. Caroline Child’s Keep Macon Bibb Beautiful can supply trash bags and grabbers for those who wish to participate. More info and potential sign-up sheet will be shared asap.
  • “Porch Passport” idea proposed. Drop by and meet your neighbors on their porch. Six houses can be selected during one event. “Passports” will be provided with each houses’ address and stamps, stickers, or marks will be disturbed upon arriving to each house. Each house is welcome to provide a good or drink. This event promotes walking throughout the neighborhood and connecting with fellow neighbors. More info to follow upon further planning.
  • Next meeting scheduled for February 2, 2021

Community Committee Reports

  • None at this time


  1. Annie Branan, President/Neighbor
  2. Meagan Jenkins, Secretary/Neighbor
  3. Paul Griffin, Treasurer/Neighbor
  4. Jack Branan, InTown Macon/Neighbor
  5. Judy Gordon, Macon-Bibb Neighborhood Watch Admin
  6. Paul Lewis, Neighbor
  7. Jill Vanderhoek, Neighbor
  8. Keri Naccarato, Neighbor
  9. Megan Kane, Neighbor
  10. AJ Kane, Neighbor
  11. Kimberly Holland, Neighbor
  12. Laurence Fennelly, Neighbor
  13. Evelyn Smith, Neighbor
  14. Amber Pritchett, Neighbor
  15. Alma Aguilar, Neighbor
Notes Compiled by Annie Branan, Secretary.

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